Why Designing Innovations?

Q: Why should I choose Designing Innovations?

A: The bumper sticker answer is “Quality & Experience” (ours and yours).  A detailed answer looks like this:


We design and build for the long term.  While many remodeling contractors would tell you that their craftsmanship will last 20 – 30 years, we believe our efforts will still serve 100 years from now.  We are students of our trades.  We study and implement the ever changing “best practices” for design, construction and installation.  Functional, beautiful and built to last.

Our Experience

We offer over 20 years of experience in the residential construction industry.

Your Experience

The remodeling industry as a whole has a poor reputation.  When we started this company we analyzed the reasons for this.  The following is what we learned:

Communicate… Communicate honestly… Communicate often!

We found and validated that as long as we communicate, your expectations and ours will be met or exceeded.  If we communicate, much of the anxiety that naturally comes with remodeling is removed or at least minimized.  If we communicate, the project will meet or beat schedule and budget.

The second thing we found and have validated is respect.  We will respect your family and property (safety, dust/noise containment and security), respect your privacy (a regular schedule), and respect “down time” (everyone needs time to relax).

Most contractors will discuss their quality and experience.  We have found that your experience is much more important when it comes to whether you will refer us, whether you will hire us again and whether you will consider us trusted advisors and maybe even friends.