Our Design Process

Step 1 – A Free – No Obligation – Consultation In Your Home

During this meeting we want to see our starting point or what we have to work with. We’ll focus on what you need, what you want and what you can afford. We will discuss with you your desires and the functional needs of the space in question. This means you are part of a team that communicates and shares ideas as goals are established. We will also discuss your proposed investment range and compare what you want to spend to proposed costs for the project. Based on these considerations we will establish a budget range.

Step 2 – Design Agreement

With the scope and character of the project defined, construction drawings and specifications can be prepared and become the basis of a estimate. After agreeing to proceed with the design portion of your project we will provide you with a “Design Agreement”. Once signed, we will take onsite measurements, review property restrictions and develop preliminary drawings and floor plans. We combine your hopes and dreams with our imagination and experience to create initial drawings keeping in mind your lifestyle and taste.

Step 3 – Preliminary Drawings

When the preliminary drawings have been completed we will schedule a meeting to review the floor plans and discuss any revisions if needed. As this part of the process comes to a close you will begin making material selections.

Step 4 – Revisions

After the revisions have been made, we will complete the detailed elevations. We will again schedule a meeting to review the revised floor plans and elevation. Once the drawings have been completed and agreed upon we are ready to start the estimating phase.

Step 5 –The Estimate

The estimating phase of a project entails submitting the plans to each individual sub-contractor that will potentially work for us.  Although the drawings contain the information required to build the project, we also submit a scope of work to each of the subs, this further defines what we expect them to provide.

Your involvement in this phase is just as important as it was in the beginning. There is a large amount of selections that an owner has to decide on based on the style, function, color and most important, price. We will put together a list of allowance items that will need to be established for each category. This allowance is based on your specific project to ensure that the amount allocated will meet your needs.

We have a list of suppliers for each category in which we will set up meetings with a sales associate to help you through the selection process. Taking the time to meet with our Interior Designer will help to provide an accurate estimate, eliminate change orders and costly misunderstandings for everyone. Having a Designer involved from the beginning will help relieve some of the stress with this task. An Estimate/Quote is only as accurate as the time put into it.

Step 6 – Presentation of Quote

At our next meeting we will present you with a detailed quote and set of specifications tailored for your project. We will take the time to read through the quote, discuss any concerns and answer whatever question that you may have. At the end of the meeting a Construction Contract will be provided. Once all the documents are approved, we are now onto the construction phase of the project.

Step 7 – Construction

Designing Innovations Home Construction

During this time we would like to meet face-to-face at least once a week.  Most other communication is handled via email, phone or text. Consideration is given to your needs and lifestyle during the course of construction. If it is a remodel project, any area that is not being remodeled is protected to reduce dust intrusion until the project is completed and ready for you to enjoy.

Step 8 – Completion

Your project isn’t complete until you are pleased with the work that has been performed. A walkthrough will be held with you near the completion of the project to identify any items that may still require attention.  All items will be addressed to your satisfaction before final payment is made. After the project is completed, we turn the keys over to you.  It is now yours and we’ll get out of your way – you’ve got moving in to do!